Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Steven Furtick

Audacious Faith – Believing God for the impossible!

2 Kings 3:9-20 is an account of an incident in the life of Elisha. The three kings were going out together to fight the armies of Moab but after a week they ran out of water. They inquired of Elisha to see why the Lord had send them out to die. Observation: The combined armies should have been able to beat the army of Moab. They were positioned properly. But…ONLY GOD CAN MAKE IT RAIN! That’s the same with the way we position ourselves perfectly, such as reading the right books, attending the conferences, etc. We can do our part, but God still has to do his part!

Then Elisha calls for a harpist to play while he tells the people what the Lord says. Observation: It’s easy to dream big when we are at a place where we are inspired, but when we leave the high point and the harp music stops (metaphorically speaking) then we are left with a dream, or a vision, and the choice…

The difference between a daydreamer and a visionary is the audacity to get up and do something!

If the size of your vision is not intimidating to you, it’s probably insulting to God.

By the end of the story of Elisha, the Lord tells them to dig ditches in the valley and they will be filled with water.

If you want to see your land filled with water, dig some ditches!

No leader is 100% sure they heard from God – when they say that, they are more like 55% sure they heard. But what the leader does next is…dig another ditch.

One of the reasons we struggle with insecurity is because we are comparing our “behind-the-scenes” with somebody else’s “highlight reel.”

For Steven and his church, digging ditches meant when he very first started his church he showed his team the video from Willow Creek with Bill Hybels baptizing hundreds out in the lake.

Then when his church started growing, they baptized 5, then 50, etc. All digging ditches.

Last weekend they baptized over 1400 people. The valley was full of water!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for! Don’t just dig a little ditch and hope God sees it. Fill the valley with ditches! Believe in God to do GREAT things! “Now unto Him who is able to do immeasurable MORE than all we can ask or imagine…”

Personal Insight: WOW! WOW! WOW! That was awesome!!! Steven’s audacious faith is something that has truly inspired me today. I’m going to have to process what all this means. I know my life has been one of “positioning” and “day-dreaming” but not really one of faithful action. Time has not passed me by. Not even close! I want to hear God’s voice and weigh what it is that He is calling me to do. Not to daydream, but to dig ditches.

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