Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Erwin McManus

Chasing Daylight

There are moments in our lives when we are inspired to act and we start looking for incremental approaches. But what’s really necessary is a mind-shift. We need to begin to have a different relationship to the future. Ecclesiastes says everything is meaningless…utterly meaningless…there is nothing new under the sun. Solomon was wrong! It created a paralysis and an apathy that is killing the church. The parting of the sea, when it happened for the first time, was really new. God stepping into human history through a virgin birth…really new. God walking among us…new again. God being crucified…so new no one could believe it. The resurrection of the dead and conquering sin and death…so new it never had to be done twice.

God said in Isaiah, “Behold I am doing a new thing.” We seem incapable of hearing God saying this. When you step into the presence of the creator of the universe, everything becomes new. Even His mercies are new every morning. You have a new spirit. You are part of a new covenant.

You’ve heard people say “Let’s make history.” Why don’t we say “Let’s make future!” We’ve lost sense of being a part of the creative order and have settled for being a part of the created order.

To help create the future that God has in mind we have to become the cultivators of human talent and the stewards of human potential.

Shakespeare said “Some are born great. Others attain greatness. Still others have greatness thrust upon us.”

There has never been an ordinary human being born but most of us die, tragically, ordinary. The church needs to be the nurturer of the human spirit. What would happen if the world would begin to know the church as the epicenter of art and human creativity?

Churches are filled with people who are going to die with the dreams God has for them trapped inside their souls. What is spiritual leadership if we do not set the spirit free?

There is no conflict between human talent and the glory of God!

We need to become narrators of the human story.

We’ve taken on a false narrative. We tell a story that says we were imperfect before meeting Jesus and then he made us perfect and now we are waiting to die. Boom!

We need to reclaim our role as the best story teller in the world. Those who tell the best story get to create the culture. Tell the gospel story in a way that connects people’s story with that of Christ! It works!!!

Personal Application: I need to get serious about my musicianship and songwriting. Be creative and original. Be authentic and tell the story that we are all broken pieces of glass that make a mosaic that becomes beautiful when God shines His light through us.

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