Help Me Find My Own Flame

In less than a week Rebekah and I will be in Haiti. We want to love Jesus and serve out of that love. We want to have His heart for the people we touch.

We are praying and desperately asking God to not only use us, but to truly set us ablaze with an unquenchable love for Him and for all who need to experience His love for them.

With this prayer at the forefront of my mind this morning, I am sitting here, reading the Psalms and listening to some of my favorite worship music.

I am journaling. I am talking to Jesus. I am listening for His voice. I am inviting the Holy Spirit to fill me. To make me intensely aware of His presence and His power.

As I bask in the strong presence of my Lord, I hear a song begin to play on my iPhone. It puts to words my passionate desire for more of God. Only Him. Nothing else. Right now.

Check out these lyrics by Will Reagan and United Pursuit. May they stir something deep within you as they call forth a greater faith and trust in God to do what only He can do!

Song Title: Help Me Find My Own Flame

“I don’t wanna ride on somebody else’s passion.
I don’t wanna find that
I am just dry bones.
I wanna burn with unquenchable fire – deep down inside, see it coming alive.

“Help me find my own flame.
Help me find my own fire.
I want the real thing.
I want your burning desire.

“Do what only you can do in my heart tonight (today).
There’s no better time!”

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