Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve –

All the hype. All the hurry. All the hustle…

gently giving way to hope,

culminating in one glorious, miraculous night.

God entering our story like never before – in the fullness of time – a child born under the law, to redeem those under the law, to usher in the Kingdom of God: not some day, not nearby, but right now, right here, in our very midst.

Hope is dawning.

Anticipation is building.

The restless world is ready to welcome the One who saves, the One who puts to right that which is broken, the Word in flesh, the begotten of the Father, the perfect embodiment of love, grace, peace and joy. He bears the image of his Heavenly Father, the Godhead made visible and accessible.

This beautiful baby.

This precious promise.

This glorious gift.

We have stilled our minds, our bodies, our hearts – our very souls – in quiet adoration and worship of Emmanuel, “God With Us.”

This is the reason we gather on Christmas Eve, in joyful anticipation, under the soft glow of candlelight.

This is why we sing “Silent Night,” why we declare to one other, “all is calm, all is bright.”



Hushed adoration.

Presence given and Presence received.

Jesus Christ, our Prince of Peace.

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