Why “Graphic Grace”

The word “graphic” has several meanings. This is one of them: “marked by clear lifelike or vividly realistic description”…”giving a clear visual impression in words. graphic stresses the evoking of a clear lifelike picture”.

One of the synonyms for the word “graphic” is “vivid,” which “suggests an impressing on the mind of the vigorous aliveness of something .”

What could be more EXCITING than a story of grace? Grace extended from God to us, and grace extended one to another. The stories are out there. And I am a grace junkie! I know what it is like to be extended grace when I least deserve it.

I’m certainly not a proponent of living a life of blatant sin just to be covered in undeserved grace. I think God deserves our best effort at living in such a way that honors Him and brings Him glory. Right living is good for us and for the world in which we live.

The problem is that it is impossible to be perfect. Our best efforts still fall short of God’s standard of holiness. We need grace! Thanks be to God that we receive all the grace we need! God is a God of restoration, reconciliation and relationship. Therefore, I believe we should be about those same things!

I want to use this blog for good! I want to paint the pictures of grace received and grace lived out! If you have a story you would like me to share, please feel free to email me and I will share it!

We’re bringing grace to life in vivid description. Messy? Maybe. But Jesus himself said in Luke 5:31-32 that it was the sick who needed the physician, not the healthy.

Please keep your eyes and ears open and in “line of sight.” Grace is waiting to be poured out. Hurting people are waiting to receive some love and understanding. May this blog be used by God to keep us alert to the ways He is working in and around and through us!